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Door pimS
zit vrij veel ruimte achter wat ik zo zg.

Dus ik gaat passen/meten, denk rad iets verhangen en dan komt t wel goed:)
Door pimS
Onder het motto het kan altijd beter:


Vacuum slangen al deels vervangen, vind die plastic troep maar niks, trok 1 slangetje los van mn spruitstuk toen brak er al een y-verbinding.

Dus wat delen al vervangen door spul van Festo, + gele slang = nice :)
In een bedrijf werken waar dta pneumatiek spul voor t rapen ligt is wel relaxt:)
Door Jochem
let op dat het hittebestendig is!!! alles wat boven de uitlaat hangt wordt broos!

Ik heb nu ook andere slangen, siliconen. Maar toch uit de buurt van de uitlaat geplaatst...
Door pimS
ff zitten zoeken, aangezien vr6specialist z'n turbo pakketjes heb veranderd.

"EIP Tuning is known for its turbo tuning, and starts with its Series B kit for $3500. Since it's not intercooled, boost is set to 6psi, which is good for 245whp at 6400rpm with a 2.5 or 3" exhaust. Full boost happens by 3500rpm, and the 238 lb/ft of peak torque arrives at 4500rpm. The large T4 Turbonetics turbo rests on a stainless steel exhaust manifold with a 2.5" downpipe, and is regulated by a Turbonetics wastegate. Mandrel-bent intake piping, complete mounting hardware and even an integrated engine management system for fuel and ignition are included in the kit."

Dus wel een T4. hmm 238 lb/ft = 323 nm

en ongeveer mijn vooruit zicht:

"Take EIP's Series B turbo kit and add the stage 1 intercooler before stage 2 lowers the compression with a head spacer so 15psi is safe on pump gas. When you throw in the clutch upgrade from EIP the total comes to $5880 plus the price of a cat-back exhaust system, but now we're talking 364whp at 6000rpm with 377 lb/ft of torque at 4650rpm on pump fuel - or enough power to keep up with your average Porsche 993 or 996 twin-turbo!"

Alhoewel ik niet op 1 psi( 1bar) zal gaan rijden, maar damn 500+ nm:X
Door Jochem
nou.. je houdt zo'n porsche niet bij bij de stoplichten hoor ;) Je voorwielen blijven alleen een eind in het weg draaien en roken daarbij je bandjes op :P
Plus hevige slijtage van andere delen van je auto die er niet op berekend zijn ;)

maar leuk setje voor die prijs...
Door Jochem
ik zou nu met m'n syncro ook niet winnen trouwens... kan nog steeds niet overweg met de sportkoppeling ;)
Door pimS
Ik werd vd week eruit gereden door een fiat panda oid, kwam niet weg bij t stoplicht:P

stond gewoon te spinnen in zn 2
Door pimS
Er loopt nu een thread op vortex met heel wat uitspraken over te vermogen dat een std blok aankan, ik post hier wel wat daar staat, ik zelf vind dit heel handig.

De vragen
#1 How much power can stock aaa vr6 rods hold with JE 8.5:1 pistons and stock crank?

#2 Has anyone seen problems with non metal head gaskets even with arp head studs retorqued to proper spec?

#3 Has anyone seen or had 02A axles snap? And if so what conditions did they break under?

#4 Has anyone had problems eating through thermo coatings on manifolds and exhaust housings? If so what did you do as an alternative?

#5 And last would be an open question for what problems people have had on HIGH power turbo VRs?

#1 Answer-ish: The real problem with the VR rods isn't hp it's torque. The main reason for upgrading to forged pistons is not only that they hold up better to SLIGHT detonation but they have stronger ring lands. The down fall to using stock connecting rods is they aren't recommended for high torque (even though they were designed to be diesel rods). There are a handfull of people with high 400 torque numbers and over 500 hp with stock rods. Piston speed is also a problem when turning higher RPM's.

#2 Answer-ish: What do you mean by non-metal? If you have built a VR6T with a head spacer you know you have to use an MLS head gasket (ie. MK4). If you are using low compression forged pistons I would recommend the MK4 MLS gasket.

#3 Answer-ish: I don't care what axles you use, they can break. We broke a set of DSS stg. 5 axles on a Neon non SRT4 with much less torque than you are trying to make. The real killer of axles is the sudden torque spike from wheel hop, bumps in the road and unexpected traction when spinning.

#4 Answer-ish: The best thermo coating I know of is ceramic. Most thermo coatings will hold up as long as go don't go super lean and have a heat spike. 1300-1500F is about max.

#5 Answer-ish: Lots........
Chris ran 531whp on his stock rods when one broke...or spun a bearing, I cannot remember which right now. I still use stock axles with a stock trans with just a Quaife. Some say I drive like a b!tch but nothing breaks. As far as the gasket, I cannot say because I used C2's steel gasket. It doesn't leak and its worth the money for peace of mind.
1. Stock 12v pistons make good turbo pistons. (very thick above top ringland) I suggest don't bother with pistons 'only', if you keep stock rods, then keep stock pistons and do head spacer.
Similar to: when you do a clutch, you do chains a guides while your in there.
Don't go thru the trouble (opening the motor) for pistons 'only'.
Stock parts have been proven to mid 400's whp over the long term.
Build the motor if you 'need' 500+.

2. non metal gaskets eventually fall apart. (think older V8 stuff)

5. Most 12v owners that hit 500whp have been at it for a while. They've seen a lot and broken ~everything once already, so the cars are pretty reliable by this point.

-Jeffrey Atwood C2 motorsports
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